​Ghost Hunt from Suspense

Entertaining haunted house story and a very early example of "found footage" horror.



the "Suspense!" episode

The Screaming Woman!

A Thanksgiving tale from Ray Bradbury.


​​​​​​The Black Cat from Mystery in the Air

Mystery in the Air was hosted by Peter Lorre who also starred in each story.  No one portrays a mad man better!  Also, you may recognize the voice of the announcer as Harry Morgan, Col. Potter from MASH.

​​​​​​An Evenings Entertainment from The Black Mass

The Black Mass series aired in Northern California in the late 60's and is easily one of the most literary horror radio series ever to be produced.  The show was hosted and written by the late Erik Bauersfeld, better known as the voice of Admiral Akbar  in The Empire Strikes Back.

​​​​​My Son, John from Quiet Please

From the radio series Quiet, Please! comes a unique take on the vampire mythos as a grieving father longs for the return of his supposedly deceased son.

The Green Lorelei from Suspense

Horror meets Film Noir.

Tunnel under the World from X Minus One​​​​​​

A strange story of paranoia from this great Sci-Fi series.

​​The Dunwich Horror from Suspense

Great old time radio series adapts a classic tale from H. P. Lovecraft.

​The Ash Tree from The Black Mass

Chiller about a witch's curse particularly repugnant to arachnophobes.

​​​​​Knock at the Door from Lights Out

Lights Out is easily one of the most chilling radio series ever made, and this episode is one of the scariest.



Here are episodes of Lord Blood-Rah's now defunct podcast which featured episodes of classic old time Horror and Sci-Fi radio series.  

The podcast was originally part of the now equally defunct Drunken Zombie Podcasting Network and episodes appear here as they were originally released with ads in tact, although the businesses mentioned have no affiliation with this website.  

Check back for new episodes monthly!

The Black Mass episode The Flies

A nightmare of disease and dread.

​​​​​The Monkey's Paw & The Black Cat from Christopher Lee's Fireside Tales

The Great Christopher Lee reads classics of horror and suspense literature in this BBC Radio series.

​​​​Almost Human from X Minus One

Another episode of the superior science fiction radio series, this one based on a story by Robert Bloch, author of the novel Psycho.

​​​​​The Yellow Wall Paper from Suspense

Creepy Classic of madness starring the great Agnes Moorehead.

The Sin Eater from Suspense

A young couple get trapped in a weird ritual.

War of the Worlds from Orson Welles

The original Halloween broadcast.

Three Skeleton Key from Escape

Vincent Price stars in a tale of men under siege in a lighthouse.

​​Lot #132 from The Price of Fear

Another from Vincent Price's BBC horror radio show of the 70's.

​​​​​A Gun for Dinosaur from X Minus One

From one of the best science fiction radio series ever produced, here's an exciting classic based on the story by L. Sprague de Camp.

The Shadow People from The Halls of Fantasy

Gripping shocker about what lurks in the darkness.

Shock Troop from X Minus One

Swiftian Sci-Fi tale.

Spawn of the SubHuman from Dark Fantasy

Must be heard to be believed.

​​​​The Remains of The Black Chapel

Here lies the last two surviving episodes of the 1930's radio series 
The Black Chapel .

The Rats in the Walls from The Black Mass

H. P. Lovecraft's classic tale of deadly insanity.

The Gods of the Mountain from The Columbia Workshop

Great weird satire from one of the masters of the weird tale Lord Dunsany.

The Man who Hated Scenes from The Price of Fear

Vincent Price and Peter Cushing star in this revenge tale.

​​​​​​Mystery House starring Bela Lugosi

MYSTERY HOUSE was a pilot for a proposed radio series to be hosted by and star Bela Lugosi doing dramatic radio pieces based on classic Grand Guignol plays!  Sadly, the series never took off and this episode is all that remains.

Cat Wife from Light's Out

A sad tale of madness starring Boris Karloff.

​​​​​William and Mary from The Price of Fear

The Price of Fear starred Vincent Price, following his exploits as he encountered various strange tales and happenings during his career.  This science fiction classic is based on the short story by Roald Dahl.

Birdsong for a Murderer from Inner Sanctum Mysteries

Boris Karloff stars in this murder mystery.

Frankenstein from The Witch's Tale

Different take on an old classic.

​​​​Eloises Whereabouts from Beyond Midnight

Beyond Midnight aired in South Africa in the late 60's serving up both classic and original tales of the supernatural.